3D modeling – Get Your Feet Wet In It

It may appear chilling and complicated initially, however to tell you a little secret, you’re already a 3D model master! Everybody has created a 3D model before, possibly as a youngster; Do you remember, Play-Dough, Model Magic? You were perhaps 3D creator at the age of 5 and did not even grasp it!


So why develop a 3D model? These graphical animations are being used in various industries either to display the product to the client or to create stunning and eye catching graphics for marketing purposes. The medical field uses 3D models to read the organs in ultimate detail. The movie industry uses it to form masterpieces like Toy Story and Cars. They’re additionally utilized in video games as well to make this million dollar industry even more worthy. These are just a few of the industries; basically 3D modeling is employed all over the globe in almost all the industries which makes the artificial objects look much closer to the reality.

In order to learn in-depth about 3D Modeling or Rendering, you must first understand what Meshing is? Meshing is another term for 3D modeling. These models are usually created using some sort of 3D Software application. There is an option of doing this work manually as well, which means creating the models by hand, whereas the automated way of creating 3D models is by using a cutting edge 3D software. Meshing is usually classified into 2 broad categories: solid or shell/boundary. Solid models are quite hard to create because they are volume specific and require much more in-depth knowledge and expertise of 3D Rendering. They are primarily useful for CAD programs in medical and engineering areas. Shell/boundary products demonstrate the surface as well as the boundary of the object. Most of the animated movies and games developed today use this kind of 3D modeling.

Method of Meshing:  in general, there are 3 styles in which we can construct a model; Digital Sculpting, Polygonal and Curve. Choosing which model to use is the very first step in bringing your imagination to life. Which model type you should be using, depends completely on your desired output and the project that you are working on. Some of the famous modeling techniques are: implicit surfaces, subdivision surfaces and constructive solid geometry.

Programs to Get Started: There are various 3D Modeling programs available in the market that you can make use of to build your model. There are both Free and Paid programs that can cater the needs of designers with all sorts of budget. Some of the most popular ones are: formZ, 3DS Max, Lightwave, Modo and Maya. Some of the popular components/add-ons are also available for additional features, like Lofter and Shaper to be used in 3DS Max.

In case you are struggling to get started, the 3D Models Library at 3CT (3D Catalog Technology) can come in really handy and helpful in getting you started on this latest and innovative industry. Another service known as TurboSquid can be considered as one of the best resource for 3D Designers around the globe.

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