4 Items Smartphones Have Nearly Rendered Obsolete

4 items smartphonesSmartphones have changed the way we interact with the world around us. In a short time, many regular household items have become obsolete thanks to major technological advances to your phone.


1. eBook Readers


Just a few years ago with the invention of electronic ink, eBook readers were everywhere and many companies were creating new divisions to support them. Despite smartphones not having the advantages of electronic ink, however, electronic books on smartphone are rapidly outpacing those on dedicated electronic readers. This is because eBook readers are another gadget that a traveler would have to bring along with them and the comfort and accessibility of a smartphone simply can’t be beat. Many smartphones are coming out with larger screens to capitalize on both this and web reading and eBook readers are being produced and advertised less and less.


2. Handheld Game Systems


Handheld gaming systems such as the Playstation Portable and Nintendo DS are finding it difficult to compete with the fun casual games of smartphone systems. Not only do smartphones come with many games but most of the games are free and the games can be downloaded immediately rather than purchased at a store. Handheld game systems have kept high game prices for a long time and smartphones have switched largely to a micropayment system that handheld game systems can’t support. Furthermore many smartphones have processing and memory capabilities beyond current handheld game systems, and this is added to the allure of high resolution displays and motion detection. Many smartphones like Bell.ca windows phones come with games installed.


3. GPS


GPS systems are all but obsolete today when the majority of smartphones can give turn-by-turn directions with ever-increasing accuracy. Not only can smartphones give directions but many smartphone GPS applications can actually show satellite and 3D photo views of the location for even more accuracy. Standard GPS units have remained virtually unchanged in the last decade which means that the advancement of technology that smartphones represent is long overdue. Many people also enjoy that the smartphone is so well integrated into everything else that they do which means that they can receive a location in a text message or email and immediately get GPS coordinates to the location without having to key it in.


4. Music Players


Smartphones are now the leading music players for many people. It is often too cumbersome to bring both a smartphone and a music player and because a smartphone has all the features of a music player it is redundant. The leading type of smartphone actually began based upon the technology of a music player which means that it carries with it all the features along with more. Using a smartphone as a music player also allows someone to take a call and interrupt their music.

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