5 Expert Tools to Use with Google Analytics

5 Expert Tools to Use with Google AnalyticsGoogle Analytics is one of the leading website analysis tools on the Internet. It helps websites of all sizes and functions discover important information about their visitors. The following expert tools are for site managers who need more than just basic information coming from the default dashboard:

Flow Visualization

How visitors behave in your website is one of the most important aspects of SEO development. Specific information about where visitors are clicking and how long they are reading certain pages can help you develop a website design that encourages visitors to stay longer and convert. Flow visualization lets you see exactly how visitors are behaving as they traverse your content. This can help you organize menus and links in a way that maximizes the amount of time people stay, ultimately leading to more conversions.

Advanced Segments

An overall view of your website traffic is a good way to get a general overview of what is and isn’t working, but sometimes you need a much more focused picture of certain kinds of traffic. For example, you may want to see the behavior of traffic that’s visiting your site through paid advertising, or you may want to see how people in specific locations find and use your site. When you analyze traffic in segments, you can maximize the effectiveness of your site for visitors that convert more often. Overall views is important for the health of your business, but certain kinds of viewers are much better at producing results.

Custom Dashboards

By default, Google Analytics displays a dashboard with some basic information about your site traffic. As an expert, however, you can create your own dashboards with your own widgets in order to see a more detailed view of segments and specific pages. You can use a custom dashboard to measure factors of even the smallest aspects of your site, including individual products, authors, types of visitors, events and blog posts. This is a powerful tool that OrangeSoda.com uses on a regular basis to help clients succeed online.

Real-Time Reporting

If part of your website marketing strategy is to advertise daily promotions and fresh content, you need to know if those strategies are working. Real-time monitoring of your traffic can give you a clear picture of the success of your marketing strategies as soon as they launch. You can monitor the inflow of traffic and see how visitors are responding. This can enable you to make quick changes if you see that certain aspects are failing on a technical or strategic level.

Intelligence and Alerts

When big changes happen on your website, you need to know quickly so that you can respond effectively. You can setup custom and automatic alerts to notify important people about significant changes in traffic whether they be good or bad. These reports can help you respond quickly to problems or take advantage of marketing tactics that are a booming success. If a certain blog post or video on your site goes viral, you need to be able to respond quickly to take advantage.

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