5 Facebook Marketing Strategies to Build a Loyal Customer Base

5 Facebook Marketing Strategies to Build a Loyal Customer BaseFacebook isn’t the type of marketing solution that can build its own audience with little or no effort. It takes work to build an audience and grow a loyal customer base. Here are some great ways to build a loyal fan base using Facebook.

Give gifts to your fans.

Fans appreciate when they are rewarded for supporting a brand.  Experts at Domo recommend drawings, raffles and giveaways as ways to build your community in Facebook. Some brands offer the products of others as a part of the giveaway while others offer items or services they offer exclusively using Facebook. Giving gifts away to fans can be done through a contest or through a simple announcement of an offer.

Offer exclusive deals to your Facebook fanbase.

Make special discounts or deals available first to Facebook fans. Assign a promotional code for each offer made exclusively available to fans that follow the page to track the performance of each offer. Followers are more likely to pass on these offers to their peers, who may decide to follow the page as a result.

Reward evangelists who share content posted on the page.

Some companies are fortunate enough to have loyal customers who are very supportive of the plan. There are a select few pages that have great supporters who actually share the content published on the page. Developing a rewards or points program for fans who regularly share content on the page is a good way to thank the fans for their support.

Connect on a personal level with Facebook fans.

Many businesses miss the mark when it comes to properly engaging audience members. People who follow pages more than likely follow multiple pages. This creates the challenge of getting people to stay interested in the page and its content. Creating discussions through asking questions is a great way to add a human touch to the page.

Provide useful information to followers.

Fans of the page appreciate having access to solutions and advice that can really make a difference in their lives. Getting into the mindset of the person’s mind is key to being able to pull this off successfully. One can even ask fans of the page to submit questions or common problems they’ve been unable to solve. This shows that the page is much more than just a promotional tool for the brand; it shows that the brand wants to connect in a powerful way with the fan.

A devoted Facebook following requires a significant investment in time and consistent engagement. Using these tips is a great way to build loyalty among customers and followers of the page. Rewarding customers for their loyalty and forming a genuine connection with followers will build customer loyalty.


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