Apps That Can Help You Budget Better and Save Your Credit

One of the most important things you can do is improve the way you budget your finances. Doing this very necessary task better can help you to be wiser about your money and save your credit as well as spare you a few headaches. A great way to get started with better managing your budget is to rely on a few of the best finance apps available to install on your smartphone. When you have these right at your fingertips, you will see how effortless it is to use them, no matter where you happen to be.


#4. Money Lover

Money Lover is a free app for Android smartphones that is an easy way to manage your finances. With it, you can track your spending and create a budget to stick to. All you have to do is add financial information into the tool, such as your salary, sales, winnings and expenses that range from a variety of categories. Create a budget, set alerts or reminders of when you have bill payments due and check all your transactions in this one convenient location. Money Lover is available in English and many other languages.


#3. My Weekly Budget — MyWB

My Weekly Budget — MyWB is 99 cents at the iTunes App Store for iPhone and makes it simple to save money by creating a better budget for your spending. It helps you keep track of your spending and has a straight forward user interface that will delight you as you use it as you will see how much money you have saved over time. Create a daily, weekly or monthly budget and set a monetary amount you would like to adhere to throughout that time. You will instantly see how much money you are spending within your budget. You can also review your spending patterns and see where your money is going.


#2. Personal Finance Personal Finance is a free app that is available for iPhone and Android. It is widely rated as being the best personal finance app you can use when you are looking to budget your money, which can certainly prevent the need for credit repair services for fixing your credit. With it, you can manage all of your money accounts in one spot, right at your fingertips. Create a budget for your spending and set up alerts for whenever you have bills due.


#1. Check — Bills and Money

Check — Bills and Money is formerly known as Pageonce and is a great free app for iPhone. Stay on top of all your bills and create budgets for your spending. You can also monitor all your finance accounts, from your savings, checking and credit cards, all in one place. The app will also alert you to any bills that are due or when your funds are low.

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