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Five Best Smartphones to buy in 2013

As the world of technology is changing and we are getting more addicted to it, smart phones are the one’s who is leading the market of mobile phones. Some of the branded companies example of leading smart phones are Samsung, Apple, Google, HTC, Nokia, MicroMax, Karbonn, etc. Samsung is the one leading the pax with

A List of Efficient Cases Available for Samsung Galaxy Tabs

With the launch of the Samsung Galaxy Tabs, numerous case vendors have come up with attractive cases of these tablets. But, the task of bringing a unique look to the device and keeping it safe, is done skillfully by only a few of them. You might be wondering which case is to be selected so

4 Items Smartphones Have Nearly Rendered Obsolete

Smartphones have changed the way we interact with the world around us. In a short time, many regular household items have become obsolete thanks to major technological advances to your phone.   1. eBook Readers   Just a few years ago with the invention of electronic ink, eBook readers were everywhere and many companies were