Choosing between an iPad and an iPod Touch

Choosing between an iPod touch and an iPad is dependent upon your personal needs. There are obvious differences when it comes to size and elements of functionality but before you go all out and spend £400 on a top of the range iPad, consider whether you’d be better suited to a fantastic iPod Touch. Both of these products run Apple’s iOS and are amongst the most advanced technological offering in the tablet and mobile computing worlds. It’s hard to decide whether to buy one or the other and there’s no need for both as they have shared functionality in many areas.

The Lowdown

The iPod Touch is an innovative variation of the iPod Classic with additional WiFi and all the features of an iPhone from its camera to FaceTime to app capability. It’s handheld, wafer thin and easy to use.

The iPad is a larger, super thin tablet computer which combines all the functions of an entry level notebook computer and an iPod in an extremely attractive and trendy package. It’s a great option for entertainment purposes and its large screen is great for watching films and playing games.

The differences

An iPod Touch is, as mentioned, a small handheld device which can fit into your pocket like a mobile phone and has a length of just 4.4 inches and a width of 2.3. It’s great for people who like to keep their device on their person at all times especially if you move around a lot. Its portability is its main advantageous feature.

An iPad benefits from being much smaller and sleeker than a laptop with many of the same functions. It is of course significantly larger than an iPod with dimensions of 9.5 inches in length and 7.1 inches in width. It can slide simply into a backpack or briefcase but isn’t quite as handy as an iPod.


You can choose the device that works best for you by considering what you want to do with it. An iPod is ideal for photography as it can always be kept in your back pocket and whipped out at opportune moments. Listening to music is much easier than on an iPad too and it’s perfect for when you’re out and about and exercising.

If you want to play games or watch films on the go or from the comfort for your bed for example then the iPad is the right option for you. It has a much larger, sleeker screen and is better for highly visual activities. There are apps and games exclusively designed for the iPad so if you want the height of Apple’s latest games and technology then it’s the only choice for you. If you plan to use it to work or write emails and documents it is much easier to use too.

The best option to keep in mind is that if you choose a device that isn’t working for you then you can always sell iPod or iPad devices and buy the alternative. To avoid this hassle however you should really test drive them before you buy.

Terry Dent is an Apple enthusiast from Kettering. He has managed his love of Apple devices by selling iPod devices as soon as they’re out of date and getting the latest model on the market.

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