Five Cool Gadgets To Impress House Guests

Five Cool Gadgets To Impress House GuestsOne of the parts about entertaining house guests that everyone knows about but few people talk about is the desire to impress them. After all, if you’re having someone in your home, you want them to walk away with a favorable opinion of you. We’ve narrowed down five gadgets to keep around the home so that you can impress any company you might be entertaining.


Bluetooth Speaker System

Everybody loves music, so we lead this list off with a Bluetooth speaker system. Bluetooth lets you play music wirelessly from your phone to a set of speakers. It’s a far cry from the disc changers and stereo receivers of yesterday, and it’s a gadget that most guests will want as soon as they see it.


Electric Wine Opener

An electric wine opener is the perfect thing to keep around if you’re entertaining house guests. The electric wine opener takes away the sort of mini-struggle that always accompanies trying to open a bottle when you’re not used to it. It’s a gadget that impress with its practicality and aesthetics.



Roomba is a robot that cleans your floors for you, relying on motion-sensing technology and basic cameras. It will impress your guests because it’s just like having a personal robot to clean your house. Maybe it’s not quite as thorough, but just seeing the Roomba in action is enough to make it impressive.


Xbox 360 Kinect

Kinect is amazing for when you get to the entertainment portion of your evening. The system functions off of a camera and infrared, similar to some San Antonio security systems, meaning you don’t touch anything. Your guests will be awed as you start playing a movie or music with just a wave of your hand.


Soda Maker

A soda maker, such as the one sold by SodaStream, is a gadget that’s neat for the sort of mystique that goes with it. Few of us have ever seen soda made before, much less in a kitchen. A soda maker lets you make delicious soda from regular tap water, and that almost makes it guaranteed to impress your guests.


Each of these touches on a different sort of niche. Whether the person is a fan of technology or admires convenience items, there’s something to match what will wow them. Invest in some of these gadgets, and your house guests will be impressed.

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