How To Get The Best Definition Out Of Your TV

How To Get The Best Definition Out Of Your TVThere are instances where a new television or a new component produces a lower definition or quality picture than expected. Improving the picture could require any number of steps including changing the television settings and purchasing new hardware. There are four common ways to improve the quality of the picture.




4. Calibration

Most televisions come from the factory with all display options set to neutral or optimal levels. The reality is that every one of these options requires calibration in order to get the best definition in the home. The options generally include tint, brightness, contrast, color and sharpness. Some televisions have premade settings for sports or movies. It is important to adjust these different options until the picture looks as sharp and clear as possible. Contrast and sharpness are two options that should be used carefully since they can dramatically affect picture quality.


3. Use New Cables

The type and condition of the cables used to connect the television to peripheral components and sources will affect picture quality. High definition (HD) televisions require high definition multimedia interface (HDMI) cables for the best picture when attached to a computer, gaming console or media player. All cables should be in good condition without any fraying or folding. It is best to purchase new Selby discount HDMI cables every two to three years to maintain the highest quality picture. Gold plating on the connectors helps to prevent corrosion over time but will not immediately improve picture quality because of the digital signal and the resistors in the components.


2. Adjust The Environment

Nearly everything about the environment around the television can affect the quality of the picture. The television should be placed in an area that does not cause glare. It should also be away from any bright indoor lamps or lights. This can negatively affect picture quality. Brightly colored decorations or items near the screen can refract unwanted colors on the screen and change the tone of the picture. Viewing distance is also important. Most televisions have an optimal viewing distance for the best picture quality. Sitting too close will cause the definition to appear lower than normal.


1. Check Source Components

The cause of a poor definition image is often the source components like a media player or cable box. If the picture is still poor after replacing the video cables, then the source needs to be checked. Source components need to output the exact signal type the television is designed to handle. This means setting the source to send 720p to a 720p television even if the component can produce higher definition output. It is also helpful to disable signal processing in video components since it can degrade the picture quality of signals that are not broadcast over the air.

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