Fabulous Ways To Make Your Flyer Stand Out!

There are many reasons why people choose to have flyers printed by a company such as Pixel 2 Print and hand them out or have them distributed, but how do you make your one stand out above the rest? Here are some of the best ways that you can make your specific flyer get people to stop and notice what you have to say.


Use bright colours and graphics in your design. You can use plain white paper, but what you put on your flyer is what makes people want to read it. Boring and dull flyers will most likely just be thrown away and not even given a second look.

Do your best to use catchy headings and titles on your flyer. By doing so, you will catch the attention of people and they will more than likely want to see what other witty and fun information is included on your advertisement.

Make your point clear! Nobody wants to take the time to read a long and boring advert. You need to make your point very clear from the beginning. Try to use bullet points to make your points come across much clearer to the reader. People want to see what benefits they will get from you or your company!

Do not complicate things by trying to add all the information into the flyer you design. Keep it simple and to the point. Make sure that your flyers have the correct information on them and that there is no spelling mistakes.

Use borders and boxes in your flyers, and try to use contrasting colours where ever possible. Put all the important information into boxes so that this part of your flyer gets noticed first. Basically, the reader must get the “Big Picture” instantly and then want to find out more about what product or service you are offering.

Offer the potential client a discount or special offer somewhere on your flyers. People are interesting creatures and free things will always attract people.

Place your flyers in the correct places for your target market. Once people get the gist of what you are all about, they tend to spread the news for you by word of mouth, which can multiply faster than you could ever imagine.

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