How to Host Your Own Fright Night

There’s something exhilarating and intriguing about gathering with family and friends to watch movies that send a chill up your spine and a tingle through your bones.  By adding a few special touches that include invitations, decorations, and costumes, your fright night movie adventure will be sure to be a successful night.

Add a Personal Touch

Begin planning for your fright night well in advance so that you will cover all of the important aspects of hosting your own fright night.  You should begin by creating mysterious invitations that provide your guests with all of the details about your event; include what they should wear and any foods and beverages that they should bring.  Pick up some decorations that will add atmosphere to your party; be creative with your designs and try to create an aura of mystery and mayhem so that your guests will be in the mood for the movie coming their way.  Make some snacks that you know your guests will like and give them some really scary names to add to the fun and festivity of the evening.  Having some glow-in-the-dark items all around your entertaining area can create a spooky atmosphere that the guests will enjoy.

Choose a Scary Movie

With the right internet-based streaming online movie service, you’ll have an array of choices that will add fright to your gathering.  Whether you choose The Innkeepers, Final Destination 5, Beneath the Darkness, or Panic Button, your guests will be clinging to each other and laughing at the reactions to scary scenes to mask their fear during the film.  Another good selection would be either Intruders or Paranormal Activity 3; you might even carry your theme one step further and show Fright Night to complete your horror-filled evening.  No matter what your choice of film to share with your friends, your evening will be filled with fright, delight, and delicious goodies that ease the fear.

The Right Online Movie Service

When you want to watch Now TV movies online with your family and friends, you can be assured of quality movies, a wide array of choice, and quality service that makes your home entertainment system come to life.  Whether you’re enjoying the free thirty day trial offer or already have your account in place, make sure that you can confidently order your movie and have it ready to go when your guests arrive.  You’ll be able to enjoy this and countless other movies and entertainment features in your own home; this will save you time, money, and effort and will accommodate your busy schedule more effectively.

Planning your own fright night event with family and friends will be an adventure that you and they will not soon forget. Get your decorations ready, your invitations sent, your snacks prepared, and settle back for a great night.

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