How Women Can Get Ahead in Business

According to the Pew Research Center, two-thirds of women and 50% of men say that females deal with some type of discrimination in business, specifically when trying to get ahead. If you’re a woman who wants to get ahead in business, read on.


1. Work on the things you’re passionate about, whether it’s ecommerce web hosting services or creative writing. In order to succeed, you’ll have to do things well. The best way to become an expert at something is to actually enjoy it. When you love your work, you’ll naturally commit to it and excel.

2. Weed some things out. What can you live without? Think about your priorities and make sure to only put effort into the tasks that align with those priorities. Sometimes, you’ll have to take a day off of work to be there for a family member. Other times, you may need to skip a soccer game to finish working on an important work project.

3. Take a break. Work isn’t the be all and end all. Is anything really going to change if you don’t answer e-mails at 11:30 at night? Sometimes, you have to set boundaries work-wise so that you can be refreshed the following day. Don’t allow other people to have unrealistic and unfair expectations of you. In the end, you’ll be respected for having a well-rounded life, not for working through your day off.

4. Continually learn. It’s important to stay educated in your field, especially when it comes to technology and trends. When somebody asks you a question about a new area of your niche, you should know the answer. When you’re educated and confident, you show others that you understand your industry.

5. Be intentional when it comes to your image. By branding yourself in a certain way, you can control how people view you. This is important for everyone, but especially for women, who are often in a male-dominated industry. Yes, you want to remain social, friendly, and approachable, but you also want to be viewed as a leader. Setup barriers that let your employees know that while you’re kind and fair, you’re still the boss. Ultimately, you’re the only person responsible for your professional future.

Being a woman in business is difficult, especially in male-heavy niches. Using your unique priorities, goals, and management skills is key.

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