iPad offers Sumptuous Games that will Surely get You Hooked

The technology of “mobile gaming” was restricted to the control of video game giants “Sony PlayStation Portable” and “Nintendo DS” till such time the iPhone was launched by Apple in the year 2007. With growth in the market of smartphones, advanced mobile game platform was also introduced. The best part- these iPad games were less complicated and not as lengthy as the PSP or the “Nintendo DS” games. Moreover, people also did not have the time to play such long games and iPad games came in as an attractive alternative to the gamers. The developers of iPhone games were fast enough to design those types of games which would be fun-filled yet consumed little time, keeping their point of focus on “addictive mechanics” which are simple yet draws sufficient attention like “getting a high score”. This in turn would lead to longer period of entertainment dose made available through affordable games. The iPad launch in the year 2010 literally broadened the visibility with enhanced “touchscreen display”.

Although, every other day some new game is being designed for iPad, there still remain a few popular ones. The most difficult part is when you have to choose among these as to which you should play. These games have been discussed below:

Entertainment has Stepped up with Addictive iPad Games


Fruit Ninja:

The name of the game itself is self-defining. Fruits will be displayed on your screen in random order and at regulated speed. All you have to do is to cut halfway through these fruits, in a fashion which is similar to a “ninja”. Players usually have to slide their finger in quick succession both “forward” and “backward” transversely through the “touchscreen” of the iPad as part of the “gameplay”. You will find yourself slicing fruits like apples, bananas and melons to reap points.

While three slips will finish off your game, you can earn additional points by slicing more than one fruit in a shot. The classic formula for “score attack” is what “Fruit Ninja” follows. The temptation of “high score” lures players to return after each “short session”. You can either play as a single player or switch to online “multiple player” mode.

Geometry Wars:

This game hardly lasts for more than some few minutes but it has the ability to entertain gamers so much so that they keep returning to the game every now and then for scoring higher than the previous time. The new varieties include “Geometry Wars: Touch” for the iPad version and “Geometry Wars Retro Evolved 2” for the Xbox “Live Arcade”. The version for iPad comes with modes like Evolved, Deadline, Pacifism, King, Sequence and Waves. All these modes have different things to offer and this rare game can keep you engaged for a timeframe that ranges from five minutes to two hours.

Angry Birds:

This game is so popular that you must have played it even if you own a tablet or smartphone instead of an iPad. According to sources, this universal game has been through over 200 million downloads as recorded in May 2011. It has got all the qualities that is mandatory for addictive gaming. You will use your assumption in trajectory motion to throw “angry birds” from a sling to the target. In touchscreen, you will stretch your finger will display a pull in t he sling and aim to hit the target. Once the targets are destroyed, you move to the next level. Applied physics forms the base of the game while various types of birds in different levels make the game more interesting. A total of 120 levels offers excitement and adventure for addicted players.


These are few of those games available on iPad to which users get addicted. See more here to increase your knowledge in iPad games like “asphalt” and the various aspects of gaming.

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