A List of Efficient Cases Available for Samsung Galaxy Tabs

Samsung Galaxy TabsWith the launch of the Samsung Galaxy Tabs, numerous case vendors have come up with attractive cases of these tablets. But, the task of bringing a unique look to the device and keeping it safe, is done skillfully by only a few of them. You might be wondering which case is to be selected so that you don’t end up complaining. Listed below are some of the most popular cases available.

Leather Folio Case

The leather folio cases are widely popular. Apart from giving the device a classy look, they are highly professional as well functional. The exclusiveness of these cases lies in featuring four corner tab, which holds the device securely and saves it from slipping out of the case. It is to be remembered that these cases are available only at higher prices than most other options.

Neoprene Case

If you are looking for a good protection for your tab, Neoprene case is what you must look for. They ensure protection for your device and are available at a cheap rate. But there is little guarantee of bump protection.

Memory Foam Case

This case is best for the clumsy people, who are always tossing their device here and there. This case comes with memory foam. It is as if your device is placed within a stationary box. Cable and charger pockets also come with a memory foam case.

Griffin Elan Passport Case

The manufacturers of these cases have a name for the Apple accessories it has manufactured. The case for Galaxy Tabs, which this company has come up with can hold credits card as well other than the tablet itself. Thereby, the case becomes comparatively thicker. The case with the device in it, would measure an inch or something like that.

The Griffin logo is to be found in the bottom left corner of the case. A strap and loop arrangement shuts the case. The interior of the case is a light grey micro-suede, with enough softness to rub with the Tab. To place your credit cards, there would be two slots. Four different hooks, located in the four corners hold the device in its place. One drawback of this case is that the speakers are covered to some extent, which muffles the sound to some extent. Other than this singular problem, the case is a fine way to keep a Tab safe.

 A cut in the backside of the case for the rear camera, would be a great addition for the future versions of this case.

Cases from Scosche

Last in our list, but not the least is the case from Scosche. This company has actually brought various products related to the Galaxy Tab already.

FoldIO gt1 is the latest addition to the accessories available from Scosche. It has a foldable design and its interiors are suede. One can use this case in exactly three different landscape positions. This case comes in two colors, i.e. white and black. While costing around 45 dollars, its service is quite commendable.

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