Movavi Video Converter Review

Do you know how to convert videos from one format to another, and more importantly – are you aware what format you should be converting your videos into for a particular device? For those who aren’t familiar with video formats and settings, everything about converting videos can seem complicated and overly technical – to the point where it is prohibitively difficult.

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That is precisely why the Movavi Video Converter is as popular as it is however, as it has developed a reputation for side-stepping the technical side of video conversion. By coupling an intuitive and accessible user interface with an easy way of converting videos, it is able to give complete beginners with no prior experience the ability to not only convert, but also optimize, their videos.

How it Works

To convert videos with the Movavi Video Converter is easy and all you need to do is add the file that you want to convert, select a format, and start the conversion with a single button. However the software simplifies that further by having hundreds of built-in presets so all you really need to do is select the one that applies to the device or platform you’re using.

By doing so, the Movavi Video Converter will automatically optimize your video based on the preset that you selected. The presets themselves cover all sorts of devices and platforms – including mobile devices and online video sharing platforms too.

Additional Useful Features

While the fact that it makes video conversion so easy is reason enough to want to use the Movavi Video Converter, its capabilities actually extend beyond that. In fact, it is actually a full-fledged media file format converter and is capable of converting images and audio files too.

The Movavi Video Converter’s features will even let you edit videos by cutting and combining video segments, enhancing the video quality, fixing common issues, cropping or rotating the video, and inserting customizable text. If you want you could also create animated GIFs out of your video clips, extract the audio from videos, or grab screenshots from individual video frames.

Frankly the best way to think of the Movavi Video Converter is as an ‘all-in-one’ media file converter and solution. Its capabilities are more than enough to fit your day to day needs, and will give you an easy way to handle your media files with minimal hassle while also opening up numerous options that you can choose to pursue if you want to.

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