Should Small Companies Switch to Cloud

mobileThe basic purpose of all small business owners is to make their business grow. Initially one does not have a lot of extensive requirements because it has been started on a low scale. However, as the business grows gradually the significant requirements tend to increase. The business would then require coordination of effort, remote access, backup and security. Moreover all the small businesses wish to reap the benefits of a large infrastructure and that is the prime reason they wish to switch to cloud computing. Moreover, once cloud software is used for the small business the owners would not need to manage and implement it directly. The reason is that the cloud software facilities the companies to access the data directly from secure data centers that are maintained by the software provider.

The following are the prime reasons small businesses are enticed to switch to cloud:

–          Positive impact on employee productivity: Small businesses often require the employees to work remotely. Moreover the employees need flexibility as well. SharePoint and Online Exchange enable the employees to access emails and documents even when they are away from their office. Cloud is undoubtedly an affordable option to address the needs of the employees.

–          Massive reduction in upfront costs: When a small business utilizes the cloud services for document sharing, emails and web conferences they are basically cutting up on upfront costs that are associated with starting a business from the scratch. The business owner does not need to buy servers. Moreover the business can adjust its cloud service subscription as per its need.

–          Boosting collaboration: For any organization to excel it has to have a strong collaboration between the employees. All the employees can access the same file in real time and work on it simultaneously through the cloud technology. This does not only promote an efficient way of working, but immensely promotes flawless time management.

–          Business Resilience: It is established rule of the thumb that if a small business encounters a major data loss it is bound to go out of a business within an year. Cloud technology has introduced the aspect of resilience and no matter how massive the data loss is the business can bounce back in anytime.

–          Ease of use: Cloud Technology appears seamless to the user. There is simply no need for IT administration, hardware or software installations. The business owner does have to spend a massive amount on the employee training. Therefore small businesses should be encouraged to opt for cloud computing.

–          Ace category Security: Security is the prime requirement of an IT infrastructure. Cloud acquires 100% positive results from this perspective. Cloud has incorporated multiple levels of security in its data center.

–          Space consumption: Cloud technology does not have a huge memory requirement. Once the memory of the machine is not overburdened it prolongs the life of the machine.

Exemplary free applications

Google Apps, Google Docs, Skype, and Quick Book Online are already a few of the cloud applications that has acquired immense popularity in the IT world and conquered it in simply no time.


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