Tips for Choosing the Best Satellite TV Receiver for Your Viewing Needs

More and more people are ditching the overpriced cable packages and switching to satellite TV services. In light of new technological advances, satellite television providers are able to offer consumers more competitively priced packages. When signing up for service, consumers will be prompted to choose a TV receiver for their viewing needs. Below are a few things to help you make the most effective choice for the best viewing experience.

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In times past there was just one or two receivers to choose from. However, viewers now have several options, each offering different advantages. Obviously, the first thing you’ll want to do is consider the service provider you’re going to sign up with. There are plenty of authorized dealers online you can view to check out deals on DIRECTV and other packages. Once you’ve chosen the ideal service provider, you’re ready to choose your receiver.

Consider Your Budget

At the top of the list should be your budget. As with any television service provider, the more features you’re interested in, the more you’re going to have to pay for the device. As you review how much you’re willing to spend each month, also keep in mind the number of receivers you will need based on how many televisions you have in the home.

Basic Receivers

At the top of the list are basic satellite TV receivers. These are generally very affordable and sometimes included in your monthly charge from your service provider. As the name implies, these types of receivers have minimal features. Consumers can view all satellite channels, excluding the HD channels and complete basic tasks like setting parental controls.

Basic Receivers with HD

Next on the list are the HD TV receivers. If you’re looking to get the best picture as you tune into your favorite shows and movies, this is a better option. Consumers who purchase these receivers have the ability to watch all channels, including HD channels as well as set parental controls if necessary.

DVR Receiver

A newer version of TV receivers are called Digital Video Receivers. It encompasses all of the features a basic receiver would. Keep in mind with a version like this, you will not have access to HD channels, as you need a receiver with HD capabilities. With DVR receivers however, you can record shows and movies. You can record and store your favorite shows to watch at a time that is most convenient to you.

HD DVR Receiver

If you want to be able to watch regular and HD channels, set parental controls, and have the ability to record shows and movies, the HD DVR receiver provides all of these features.

More Advanced Options

There are some satellite TV providers that also offer more advanced receivers. These receivers encompass all of the above described features. In addition to the above discussed features, the more advanced receivers also offer the ability to record more than one show at the same time, and some can even be used on multiple TVs (which would save you money since you won’t have to purchase as many receivers).

Choosing the best satellite TV receiver will basically come down to a few things: how much you can afford, how much TV you intend to watch, and how often you intend to record. As you go through the options offered by your chosen service provider, be sure to do a comparison of features and prices to ensure that you’re getting a receiver that will accommodate all of your viewing needs. 

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