Tips to have a professional Soundcloud

Soundcloud has become almost an obligatory reference when we want to share and promote our music once you Red. This well-known portal was founded in Stockholm (Sweden) in 2007 and since then has only grown in popularity. However, despite the time elapsed, for many users (new or not), Soundcloud remains a genuine unknown. That is why in this post will offer you 5 simple tips to make your account on Soundcloud look of a real professional.


Have an account Soundcloud Pro: Yes we know, not everyone can afford to pay 30 euros (Soundcloud Pro) or 99 euros (Soundcloud Pro Unlimited) that cost payment accounts annually. But if you want to look like a professional you should act like one, know the statistics to detail all your sessions or the production of up to 6 hours of music (Soundcloud Pro) or unlimited in case account Pro Unlimited or may not be limited to 100 downloads per file with operating free accounts are more than enough reasons to think an investment of this type. If you want to know more reasons we advise you to read this post 5 Reasons to have a Pro account on Soundcloud . A pro account is not a full solution you need to take professional help as well. Devumi’s SoundCloud Plays could be your best choice for promoting your music.

Manage your tags properly: to sort your music Soundcloud uses the first tag (tag) you type just below the name of the session you want to upload or production. If for example you use the electronic tag, Soundcloud automatically classified as electronic music and will be easier for your music to be discovered by lovers of this genre.

The best in these cases is to put the tag according to the genre that encompasses your music, you can always use more tags, but the first is what will define where your production or Soundcloud placed session. So make no mistake and classify yourself your music for others to discover and reproductions and followers will increase considerably.

Fill always the biography section and your links on social networks: This aspect is one of the most neglected, so much so that many users do not even have a miserable email address to contact them if a seal want to publish your music or directly hire someone to DJ at an event.

It is recommended that the biography is not too long, no one wants to read a will, it is a few lines define who you are and what you do. If you have the biography in Spanish and in much better English, considering that the language of Shakespeare is the most widely used in the music industry and the business world in general, it makes sense to put them easy to our future followers things.

As for social networks, focus on the most popular and opt more for quality than quantity. If for example you have an account on Instagram and have just uploaded two pictures in two years, it is best to obvies your presence in the social network and you concentrate on those where you are most active.

The name of the url is critical: useless scrupulously fulfill all the advice so far named if then your address is Soundcloud. Try your DJ name as the one used in Soundcloud, it is true that often is not available, especially when they are very common names. But you can combine, add or remove letters or words so that it is as professional as possible. It is important to clarify that in case you are owner of an account Soundcloud Pro, the platform allows you to change the name of your url. Therefore it is advisable to check from time to time that the name you want to choose is no longer occupied and proceed to change quickly.

Another aspect you should consider is that all your social networking profiles using the same name, if you always use DJ Paco, it makes little sense to use only Paco Soundcloud. Ideally, always respect your brand and in the case of DJs and producers, the brand is the name by which they are known professionally.

Evidence in publishing content: useless post 3 sessions in a month and then spend six months without posting anything, Soundcloud algorithm is designed to promote the most active users.

Typically, a plan of means, that is, from time to time publishes new content. The most common is climbing at least once a month, you can space out your publications that time interval. It is better to raise production per month, rather than three remixes in a week and then the next week or month absolutely nothing. These are marketing tips for artists to promote his music in this social media.

The more active you are, the more likely you are to your music to be discovered by other users.

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