Why You Need Detailed Analytics for Your Online Store

While things such as search engine optimization, social integration and a marketing budgets are beneficial for promoting your online store, detailed analytics can help you plan for the future. It’s the data that is collected based on your visitors that can help you plan everything from discounts to supplying specific products. This data can be an invaluable tool to help you plan for nearly every aspect of your eCommerce site.



By knowing and understanding the demographics of the visitors that are most likely to buy your products, you can develop marketing plans to engage those individuals. Geographic location, gender, age groups and more can play a role in who and where you advertise in campaigns such as pay-per-click ads. This can greatly affected your return-on-investment as you may only show ads to those that are more likely to make a purchase.

Most Viewed Content

By tracking visitor interactions with your site, you can discover which items are the most popular. This can help you develop strategies to promote the weakest items and make changes that will affect how consumers view those products. It can also demonstrate which items you may want to keep in higher quantities should these visitors make purchases as well.

Visitor Duration

Data such as that provided by visit duration will show you how long the average person sits on any particular page. A shorter duration could denote that the person didn’t find anything of interest on the site and moved on. A longer period of time may signify that the visitor is reading or watching content on your site, which has a greater possibility for making a sale. For pages that experience short visits, you may want to consider revamping the layout or changing the content in order to engage those visitors.

Bounce Rates

The bounce rate can show a variety of potential problems on your site by showing you how many people leave the page they are currently on. If someone arrives on any given page and then leaves the site entirely, it’s called a bounce. This could be caused by poor content, lack of proper links, too many images or a plethora of other reasons. The trick is to discover why people are leaving in such a hurry. This data can help you fine-tune those pages to increase the potential for a sale.


Collecting data regarding the technology of users can offer insights to improve the experience for those that frequent the site. For example, some browsers or operating systems may have trouble accessing certain types of media. Even screen resolutions can denote how to set up images and video content. You might be amazed by how many sales eCommerce sites miss out on because of the lack of mobile device support.

Your shopping cart eCommerce software needs to be able to deliver all of these reports and more. By paying close attention to how people utilize your site, you can make informed decisions regarding future additions and changes. Keep an eye on your data; it will help drive the online store’s success.

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